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Sep 04

40 Digital Work by tiagohoisel


Digital painting is an emerging art form in which traditional painting techniques such as watercolor, oils and applied using digital tools by means of a computer and software. An artist who make their sketches live into three-dimensional image is Digital painting. To master the Digital Painting it requires patience, skill and a high level of concentration for the artist. Digital works are one of the modern technique used everywhere, for advertising, Flim, etc. Most of their designs are made with their artist selected tools, such as 3D Max or Photoshop.

The Great Tablet War Of 2012


Make no mistake: There’s a full-blown battle on for the future of computing.

Forget all the fragmentary skirmishes for your pocket, for your set-top, for your living room, and for your desk.

It’s become increasingly clear that the tablet is the defining device of the next couple decades of computing, as the PC was in the ’80s.

Handheld touchscreen devices are the key way we’ll consume content and buy things.

So that’s extremely interesting to anyone who makes devices, serves up content, or sells things.

30+ Splendid Examples Of Matte Painting


A matte painting is a painted representation of a landscape, set, or distant location that allows filmmakers to create the illusion of an environment that would otherwise be too expensive or impossible to build or visit. Historically, matte painters and film technicians have used various techniques to combine a matte-painted image with live-action footage. We will now be hopping into a theoretical Delorean and traveling to the past, as well as the future of this prominent genre of design.Today we have collected “30+ Splendid Examples Of Matte Painting” .

Top 5 Tools for Online Payment Systems


It’s been in our minds and thoughts to keep our wallets and money bags safe. For decades, people have not given up worrying about safeguarding anything that is MONEY. Everyone of us are undoubtedly careful while on making huge money transactions. At some instant, we might also tend to think that if something goes wrong with the transaction or if the cash has not been transferred, so and so. However, an online payment system wouldn’t bother you much on this, since the transactions made via these systems are acknowledged to be secure and trust-worthy. Right from the launch of these systems, they happen to be the perfect tool for any transaction that is made online. There are a plenty of online payment systems offered, among which Paypal, Google Checkout are among the popular and best used criteria. In this post, I’ve pulled the top 5 online payment system tools which can be trusted in every way.

Sep 03

Vintage Ads For Your Inspiration


Drinks, snacks, cars, fashion – throughout the industrial era the objects for market promotion and popularization via advertising have not changed greatly. However, what has actually changed is the way those objects are advertised today and how they were advertised yesterday. Vintage advertising is the theme of this design showcase at Cruzine magazine. Please, scroll down the page to see more designs of vintage ads, dating back a couple of decades and featuring 7Up, Buick, Peppermint, Mars, Delta Air Lines, and other brands pretty much well known to a modern customer as well.

The Road to Financial Independence [Infographic]

infographics11 The Road to Financial Independence [Infographic]

The job market is changing. Thanks to the Internet and the increase in online social activity, endless new opportunities for young educated people are opening up. They realize that the traditional 9-to-5 is no longer their only career option. The web is packed with job boards and other freelancing sites that allow people to make extra income on the side.

A recent study shows that as many as 86% of the entrepreneurs surveyed were seeking job independence. More and more people are making Fiverr their go-to place to kickstart their journey to financial independence. With Fiverr, they are able to turn their skills and passions into an income, on their own terms. 14% of sellers already report Fiverr as their primary source of income. The following infographic showcases the results of this study.

I’ve personally used Fiverr for many quick jobs that I needed to get done. It’s totally fascinating to see so many people taking advantage of this freedom lifestyle. It’s not easy getting there, but it’s a lot better than feeling the agony of the corporate world. Enjoy!

Growing? How to Maintain Your Start-up Culture


A lot of people get into start-ups to avoid the stuffy suit-and-org-chart style culture of big companies. But if you’re good (and a bit lucky) and the business you founded starts to grow, you’re faced with a challenge—how do you keep that inspiring, humane and relaxed vibe of the early days going even if your company is now far from just four people in a garage?

20 Awesome 3D Character Designs and Backgrounds by Jose Alves da Silva


I am jose alves da silva, a 3D artist working as s full tiem freelance. i have started working in the 3d field in 1996 ub tge area of architectural visualization. I am fully dedicated to this passion wich has allowed me to work with different teams from around the world in the fields of advertising, games and feature film.

Baidu shows China pushing forward mobile, cloud, maps and apps


Many may consider China a copycat country. But some of its biggest tech players are taking western ideas and improving upon them. Baidu shows off its own steps forward in several product categories.

30 Beautiful Minimalist Wallpapers for Desktop Background


Aside from typographic wallpaper designs, minimalist wallpapers are also one of the favorite designs of most of the people who are always engage in changing their desktop wallpaper. They get attracted with distraction-free background, simple and minimal use of color in wallpaper design. Minimal art was an artistic style considered by many as a creative form of art.

With the fast-growing demand of wallpaper, various websites where you can find free high quality wallpaper have been in the game. They serves as a great resource of thousands of wallpaper (searchable by category, color, and style) and their database of free wallpaper design has been very useful for us especially those who always want something new with their computer.